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MASOOI Mounted Search and Rescue
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About Search and Rescue

The initial idea for the Search and Rescue started several years ago from Bob Haigh of Bobby's Ranch. With Bob's vast experience with horses, he knew that horses, with their keen sense of sight, smell and hearing, could provide an added element to search efforts. Because a horse will react to movements, sounds, or smells not initially apparent to human senses, it enhances the search capability of the rider. The riders also have a vantage point of 5-7 feet off the ground which expands their field of view.

Bob took this idea to the members of the Massachusetts Association of Stable Owners, Operators and Instructors (MASOOI). Several members expressed an interest in this effort. One member, Mark Brown, offered to approach the State Police and other search organizations for guidelines and assistance. The Team Captain, facilitates monthly meetings which have established the group's guidelines and requirements.

As of March 2009, the MASOOI Mounted Search and Rescue Team (MMSAR) has 10 members (and growing) who are trained in First Aid, CPR, Map & Compass, and Responder training. The group conducts regular training exercises including mock searches and navigation testing. This group is very useful in hasty searches and covering large areas in a short period of time. We can also provide other benefits such as transportation of equipment and supplies. Our goal is to complement, not replace, services provided by law enforcement, volunteers on foot and other rescue organizations.

MMSAR is recognized by the MA State Police, Central Massachusetts Search and Rescue and the Northeast Wilderness Search and Rescue organizations.