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MASOOI Mounted Search and Rescue
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Massachusetts Association of Stable Owners, Operators and Instructors Mounted Search and Research Team is to act as a 24 hour a day resource to the community. Team members are professional, competent, prepared, focused, trained and caring. The team will provide trained search and rescue personnel and other related resources to federal, state and local authorities free of charge on a volunteer basis, in an attempt to safeguard and save lives.

Our team's main goal is to search for missing persons for their families, loved ones and communities. Closure to all search and rescue tasks is vital to the continued well being of all involved.

For more information on MASOOI Search and Rescue, contact Mary Duffy at

General Information visit Northeast Wilderness Search and Rescue Website at

Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month 7:00 pm Appleworks Building, Ayer Road, Harvard, MA